How To Help 
  • It’s not just about respect; it’s a commitment.  A commitment that the volunteers of the 100 Nights of Remembrance remind each and everyone of us from Memorial Day through 9-11 every year.  The commitment of Duty, Honor, and Sacrifice that our Veterans have given to us since the start of this Great Nation and the commitment that those Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guard members give to us every day carrying out their oath to defend and protect these United States.

    You are invited and encouraged to participate and support our efforts to honor our fallen veterans by becoming a volunteer with the One Hundred Nights of Remembrance.  24 notes and 2 minutes of your time a few times a year is all it takes.  By sounding Taps at sunset you honor the memory of those who have given all to give us and our descendants so much.  The smile on a widows face, the peace in a families eyes, the pride in a veteran who comes to watch; words can not express their thanks or the meaning you give to that moment. 

    If playing a musical instrument is not your strong suit then there many other ways to participate including supporting the opening or closing ceremonies, organizing a youth education day, fundraising, or just coming to watch.  If you do not have a local cemetery with a 100 Nights effort already underway, consider organizing a chapter.  We’ll provide the knowledge, website, and know how! 

    Your involvement keeps the promise of a grateful nation strong and the memories of our veterans stronger.  We look forward to seeing you at sunset.