You Can Help 
  •  Don’t play the bugle but still looking for a way to support the Knights?     

      Just because bugling or playing a brass instrument isn’t your forte, that doesn’t preclude you  
      from supporting the mission of the 100 Night of Remembrance.  As with any volunteer  
      organization funding is always a vehicle in which you can support, encourage, and continue  
      the work of our Knights.  One hundred percent of the costs associated with the opening and  
      closing ceremonies at the NH State Veterans' Cemetery comes from Boosters and Sponsors,  
      your two ways to contribute. 

      Our boosters show their support through individual contributions that support the basic costs  
      to organize and maintain our two main events on Memorial Day and September 11th each  
      year.  Boosters are the lifeblood of volunteer program and without their support we could not  
      continue the amazing tributes and services we deliver throughout the year. With every  
      donation, no matter how big, we recognize our sponsors on our website and upon request  
      provide receipts for your donation. 

      Our sponsors are also a large part of how we deliver powerful and exciting ceremonies.   
      Sponsors provide the resources needed to supply our Knights with tee-shirts, our website,   
      and other items that help us spread the word throughout the year.  Our sponsors enjoy  
      prominent advertising space on our website including images and links to their sites. 
      Potential sponsors should use our contact page to get more information on how to become 
      an official sponsor of the 100 Nights of Remembrance. 

      All donations are tax deductible and are wholly used to support the efforts of the 100 Nights including the closing ceremonies.  

      Please contact Noel Taylor on more  information on how to contribute:
      email:    or     Phone: (603) 867-5715